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We have found that many people delay a move because they simply don’t know how to start the process. We know it’s overwhelming and we have a plan to make your transition easier and smoother!

Nuts and Bolts of Moving

We understand that the details of moving are stressful and time-consuming – we take as much as we can off your plate. We’ll do things like changing your utilities, cable, and mailing address. In addition, any requests made by the future buyer of your home to sign onto these services, take measurements of your home, and of course, schedule the timing of their move with yours.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Staging is everything. Our professional Home Stager, who specializes in 55+ living, will help you stage your current home and maximize its sales price. Sell Your Home and Save Money Our team of local realtors specializes in helping homeowners move to 55+ communities by coordinating with the community you are moving to, working with you on financing options and most importantly, coordinating the timing so that you are selling your home safely, quickly and for the best price.

Re-imagine Your Life

We partnered with an interior designer who will give you design guidance on how to lay out your new home, where to place furniture in an open concept design, and how to incorporate your most cherished items into your new home.

We Stay With You After Your Move

We will continue to stay in touch, invite you to client events, suggest contractors, restaurants and area attractions and activities in your new location. We like to have clients for life and hope you will be one of them. Organizing, Packing, Donating, Recycling, Moving Handled by Our Move Coordination Partner

First Time Home Buyer Programs

At the Goldman group, first-time homebuyers are treated with care and concern. We know that it is a very challenging market for buyers overall and for first-time homebuyer specifically. We have lenders who work with first-time homebuyer in finding debt options,  credit repair plans, and down payment assistance programs.

We look forward to having one of our first-time homebuyer specialists help you achieve your dreams!

Our Heroes Program

Teachers, Nurses, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Veterans and Active Duty Military as well as the support staff at local organizations like hospitals, fire departments and police stations, can take advantage of our discounts and special offers.


Whether you are purchasing rentals, vacation rentals, multi-family rentals or buying homes to “flip” we have great resources for locating properties, financing, renovation and marketing!

Divorce and Estate Matters

During the most trying times of your life, you will rely heavily on advisors such as attorneys, financial planners, accountants, appraisers and others. We understand the complexity of your situation. As your real estate advisor, we have years of experience working in conjunction with your advisors, or those we can recommend to help you achieve your goals.

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